How many cans fit in a 36 quart cooler?

How many cans fit in a 36 quart cooler?

46 cans

How many cans can a 52 quart cooler hold?


Is the Yeti 35 worth it?

The Yeti Tundra 35 is a reliable, amazingly durable, long preserving cooler that keeps your food and drinks lasting for days with one killer feature portability. It can have a few downsides which I’ll mention in this review, but this is the best cooler I’ve ever purchased.

How much can you fit in a 35 quart cooler?

48 cans

How much will a 30 quart cooler hold?

When it’s time to take a lunch, take it anywhere with a Coleman® 30 Quart Excursion® Cooler. Large enough to hold 51 cans and tall enough to hold 2-liter bottles upright, you’ll have plenty of space to pack a full meal for several people.

Which Yeti size is best?

Yeti Tundra Features and Specifications But if you’re looking for the most perfect fit, the Tundra Model 35 capacity cooler is just the perfect size to pick at 21 inches by 15.5 inches by 15.5 inches (LxWxH) dimensions. We also prefer the Tundra 45 as our, most practical cooler size.

How many cans will a 35 quart cooler hold?

Shipping calculated at checkout. This is our “two case” cooler because it perfectly holds 48 cans of your favorite beverage.

How many cans fit in a 50 quart cooler?

Large enough to hold 71 cans and tall enough to hold 2-liter bottles upright, you’ll have plenty of space for refreshments.

What size is a standard cooler?

Regular Sized Cooler: 35-55 Quart This size range of coolers is the most popular and generally a size in this region suits most people’s needs. This size range suits everything for BBQs to family camping trips to boating/fishing as well as most commercial needs.

What is the most popular size of Yeti cooler?

The Yeti Roadie is the most popular and best selling Yeti hard cooler on Amazon followed by the Yeti 45, Yeti 35 then Yeti Tundra Haul.

Is the Yeti 35 big enough?

Conclusion. The portability and performance of the YETI Tundra 35 are a perfect combo for a 2 day camping trip. The 28.8 quart capacity is roomy enough to pack in all the ice and provisions you need. Meanwhile, the 20 lbs weight is light enough to haul around alone.

What can fit in a Yeti Tundra 35?

It’s the perfect cooler if you’re going camping by yourself or with a partner. With a 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio, it can fit up to 21 beer cans and 26 pounds of ice! It’s impressive how much this cooler can actually hold. The name of the cooler suggests a 35-quart capacity, but it can really hold only about 28 quarts.

What is the most common cooler size?

When selecting a cooler, remember that about 30-50 percent of its capacity will be taken up with ice. For three people on a day trip, a 40-quart cooler is generally fine. For the same group on a weekend camping trip, a 50- to 60-quart cooler is good.

How big of a YETI do I need?

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