How much does Playertek cost?

How much does Playertek cost?

It comes at no surprise that the Playertek vest comes in an exquisitely premium box. For set priced at $249, I expected no less from the developers of this product Catapult.

How much does Catapult Playertek cost?


What is Catapult vector?

Catapult Vector is a premium wearable technology that empowers critical decisions around performance, risk, and return to play. Setting new standards for accuracy, usability and efficiency, Vector delivers precise data in even the most challenging performance environments.

How much is a tracking device cost?

GPS tracking devices are an option for people who need to track just one vehicle. The average price for a standalone GPS vehicle tracking device in America is around $60. Devices can range from $10 all the way up to $200 and more. Prices will vary depending on device brand, quality, and features.

What is Catapult PlayerTek?

PlayerTek provides semi-professional teams and amateur players an opportunity to benefit from the proven technology, science and knowledge acquired by Catapult to measure their performance and directly compare their performance to Premier League stars.Nov 6, 2019

What is Catapult website?

Catapult CMS is a content management system for school websites that empowers anyone, from teachers to technology directors, to control, update and maintain website content including text, images, links, video, and documents.

What teams use catapult sports?

Teams which have used Catapult include Brazil, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Saracens and the Australian Cricket Team. Organisations, leagues and governing bodies include the England and Wales Cricket Board, NRL and La Liga.

Why do athletes wear the Catapult vest?

To put it simply, soccer players wear those vests during training and games to track and measure their performance on the pitch and are commonly known as GPS vests. The vest is designed to hold a pod between the shoulder blades that contains a 10Hz GPS, an accelerometer and a magnetometer.

What does Catapult do for athletes?

Catapult One empowers athletes and coaches with the most important metrics used by elite teams around the world, including sprint distance, acceleration, and intensity with 10-times the data of leading smart watches.

What does the Catapult Sports bra do?

Catapult is a GPS monitoring system used to track athletes during practices, games and conditioning sessions. Tracking is conducted from a small unit worn in a vest or pouch connected to student-athlete’s shoulder pads. Total distance, high speed distance, max velocity and player load are all tracked.

What are Playertek vests?

The PlayerTek vest is made of Lycra, making it lightweight, breathable and durable. The vest is a tight fit, preventing the GPS Pod from moving and providing more accurate data. The design holds the device in a padded sleeve placed between the shoulder blades, providing extra stability and a better GPS signal.

What are Catapult sports worth?

It currently trades below $2 with a valuation below $400 million. Catapult sells its GPS-based performance tracking technology to some of the biggest sporting clubs in the world from English Premier League’s Chelsea to the NBA’s Boston Celtics, as well as the NRL and AFL locally.Apr 1, 2021

What does a Catapult bra do?

Catapult One Measures the core metrics that improves performance, reduces injury risk, and develops team communication.

What is Catapult company?

Catapult is a sports performance analytics company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, that provides performance technology to 2970 teams, across 39 sports, in 137 countries. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Is catapult a private company?

Catapult Outsourcing AND Analytics Services Private Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 13 Jan, 2010. It’s a private unlisted company and is classified as’company limited by shares’.

What does Playertek measure?

PLAYERTEK measures your players top speeds as the maximum speed sustained for at least half a second. For most sports and players, 19 mph is considered fast. Usain Bolt regularly exceeds around 25 mph. Distance per Minute — Units: Meters per minute (m/min), Miles per minute (miles/min), Yards per minute (yd/min).

How does Catapult vest work?

The pod is able to track players on the pitch, whether that’s during a match or in training. It’ll record data on distance covered, sprint distance, sprints completed and sprint distance.

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