Is there an OK RU app?

Is there an OK RU app? Messenger for Friends on the App Store.

How do I add apps to my Vu Smart TV?

Who owns Odnoklassniki? Group

Is odnoklassniki free?

Free App for Social People Odnoklassniki is a special app that allows users to upload photos, share information about their hobbies and make connections with each other.

What is OK RU App?

The top Russian social network OK.RU is the official app of the Odnoklassniki social network, a Russian social network similar to Facebook, used mainly in ex-soviet republics like Armenia, Moldavia, and Georgia (along with Russia, of course).

What is OK app used for?

It’s a place where everyone can find something that interests and excites them. and also follow holidays, play games, rate photos, comment on posts and topics, receive rewards and much, much more!

What is OK ru?

Odnoklassniki (“OK” or is the oldest Russian social network. The site was launched in March 2006, seven months ahead of the other primary social network in Russia, Vkontakte (“VK”). Both sites are owned by Group, a Russian internet company which operates internationally under

How does OK RU work?

ru’s features are similar to those of other social networks. Users set up a free personal profile using an email address and password. Once signed in, they can share status updates, photos, and videos. Users can personalize their profile themes by either selecting a pre-existing option or uploading one of their own.10 May 2017

What kind of site is OK ru?

Russian social network

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