Is Xactimate online going away?

Is Xactimate online going away?

Xactware announced that the end of life for Xactimate 28 will occur on December 1, 2021. They will also stop supporting Xactimate desktop 28 on .

Can I use xactimate on multiple computers?

A. No, the same Xactware ID cannot be used to log in to multiple platforms at one time, as stated in the Xactware user agreement. If needed, you can purchase additional user licenses by contacting Xactware Sales at 800-424-9228. Q.

How do I move Xactimate from one computer to another?

From the Xactimate Tab select the tools menu, and in the tools menu choose the option Data Transfer Backup. Step 3 Choose Send as the Action and Browse to the destination folder. After clicking Data Transfer Backup, the Data Transfer Backup window will appear. Select Send as the Action.Feb 7, 2018

How do you change the price list in xactimate x1?

Can anyone Xactimate?

Xactimate can be used on any desktop, laptop, tablet PC, convertible, or netbook that supports these system requirements. Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (version 79 or higher).

How do I access xactimate online?

To access Xactimate online, visit on a supported browser and log in with your Xactware ID.

What is an xactimate ID?

What is an Xactware ID? A. Xactware ID is a set of login credentials that allow Xactware customers to access various products and applications using a single ID instead of using multiple login names and passwords.

How often are xactimate price lists updated?


How do I find my Xactimate key code?

Your Product Key Code is a 20-character code located on the back of your jewel-case or found by choosing About Xactimate from the Help menu in the Xactimate program. If your program has expired, your Product Key Code will be displayed upon login.

How do I transfer data to Xactimate?

Does xactimate work on Windows 10?

Operating Systems: Windows 8.1, 64-bit. Windows 10, 64-bit.

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