What are Thinline guitars good for?

What are Thinline guitars good for?

Better Bass: The Thinline has an extra boost in the bottom notes and a pronounced twang with greater emphasis than the solid body. Reduced Weight: Since some wood is removed from the body of the guitar, it’s natural that the Thinline or Semi-hollow guitars will have a reduced weight.

What is the thickness of a guitar body?

Common body thickness is somewhere around 45 mm. From all the guitar-making materials I’ve seen on the internet, it seems that people usually make cavities very space-unwise.

What is a Thinline acoustic?

Thinline acoustic guitar is actually an acoustic guitar. But it has a thinner and lighter body. So the sound is also a bit different from a regular guitar. A slim-barrel guitar has all the same features as a regular guitar.

How thick are Thinline guitars?

The “Thinline” labeled a lot of people to believe that the body was thinner, but that wasn’t the case. The typical thickness for a Fender Thinline is about 1.75 inches [1.5 inches for the main body plus a . 25 inch cap] the same thickness as a standard Telecaster.Jan 2, 2022

How thick is a Thinline top?

The typical thickness for a Fender Thinline is about 1.75 inches [1.5 inches for the main body plus a . 25 inch cap] the same thickness as a standard Telecaster. Squier bodies are known to be a little bit thinner than their standard American counterparts some have been known to be as thin as 1.5 inches.2 Jan 2022

What is the difference between a Telecaster and a Thinline Telecaster?

The main differences between a Thinline Telecaster and an original one are that Thinlines are chambered instruments with a center block where pickups and bridge are mounted and have a glued top. They also usually come with humbucking wide-range pickups. Original Telecasters are simpler solid-body instruments.

Who uses Thinline Tele?

Since the 1990s the Thinline has appeared in the hands of some of rock’s biggest musicians including Paul Westerberg, Thom Yorke, Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney and Jonny Buckland of Coldplay.

Is Thinline semi-hollow?

Thinline: either a hollow or semi-hollow guitar with a body thinner than a traditional acoustic archtop. Examples include an ES-330 (hollow) and ES-335 (semi-hollow). Thinline guitars are often assumed to be semi-hollow, but you can’t tell for certain without checking for a center block.

How heavy should a Telecaster be?

8 lbs

What is the point of Thinline Telecaster?

In 1969, the goal of creating the Thinline was to decrease the weight of the guitar and develop a new semi-hollow design compared to the solid body version. During this time, there had been a shortage of light ashwood, which Fender frequently used. Fender also reshaped the pickguard and redesigned the F hole.

Are Telecaster Thinline good?

Thinline Advantages As with all Telecasters… they are good at everything! Both guitars can do a wide range of genres as is the versatility of the Tele. The advantage to the Thinline however, (in my opinion) is that it shines the most when playing rhythm.

How thick is a tele body?

Body thickness: 44.45mm.

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