When did Fenwick Brent Cross open?

When did Fenwick Brent Cross open?

Fenwick in Brent Cross, London Since 1882, Fenwick has been a purveyor of goods of note for shoppers of exceptional taste.

What is Brent Cross known for?

Brent Cross was the first large enclosed shopping centre to be built in the UK and it set a new standard for destination shopping. When it first opened in 1976, everyone was sure it wouldn’t last!

How long did it take to build Brent Cross?

19 years

How many shops does Brent Cross have?

120 shops

Is there Superdrug in Brent Cross?

Superdrug – Brent Cross Shopping Centre – London.

When did Fenwick start?


How long should vouchers be valid for?

5 years

What is Brent Cross famous for?

Brent Cross is best known for its shopping centre and the proposed Brent Cross Cricklewood development. The River Brent passes through it, flowing from east to west in a man-made channel.

Is there a time limit on vouchers?

Expiry dates on gift vouchers There is a 5-year minimum expiry date for all vouchers sold after 2 December 2019. This is set out in the Consumer Protection (Gift Vouchers) Act 2019. Under the rules, gift vouchers must either: Have no expiry date, or.

Which part of London is Brent Cross?

London Borough of Barnet

How long are INTU vouchers valid for?

Valid for a period of twelve months from the date that the replacement Gift Card is collected.

When was Brent Cross built?

March 2, 1976

How long has Brent Cross been open?

Brent Cross Shopping Centre was built by Hammerson and opened on 2 March 1976. It was the first out-of-town and American-style indoor shopping centre in the country, with its construction taking 19 years to complete at a cost of £20 million.

How long should a gift voucher last?

five years

Can I still use my INTU gift voucher?

Your existing intu Gift Cards can still be spent in participating stores at Metrocentre until the expiry date on your card is reached. Check your intu gift card balance here, or if you need to activate your gift card, you can do so by clicking here.

What happened in Brent Cross Shopping Centre?

200 people evacuated from Brent Cross shopping centre A refrigerator fire caused 200 people to be evacuated from Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Six fire engines and 40 firefighters were called to Prince Charles Drive at 11.45am today – January 4 – to deal with a small fire in a shop within the complex.4 Jan 2022

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