Where does the cotton in my clothes come from?

Where does the cotton in my clothes come from?

Fibers from the cotton plant are spun into yarn or thread and made into fiber, yielding soft, breathable textiles. Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in clothing today. Cotton plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world, found largely in India, Egypt, Africa and the Americas.

Where does KOTN make their clothes?

Farming. It all starts in Egypt—a land where the nutrient-rich soil, sunny skies, and consistent high humidity create the perfect environment for cotton growth, or what Egyptians call, “white gold.” We only use the strongest, longest and silkiest authentic Egyptian cotton to create our knitwear collection.

Is KOTN made in Canada?

Proudly Canadian Timeless home and apparel consciously designed in Toronto, ethically made in Egypt and Portugal.

Who is the owner of KOTN?

Kotn. Kotn sells ethically-sourced, direct-to-consumer Egyptian cotton basics. The three cofounders, Mackenzie Yeates, Benjamin Sehl and Rami Helali, have seen 37% month-over-month growth since launching in 2015. They’ve also built a school in Egypt and been lauded by GQ and Elle.

Where is KOTN clothing made?


Which country produce cotton in the world?


Is KOTN true to size?

Kotn apparel runs true to size (TTS). I sized up in their top because I like my shirts looser fitting. I kept my true size in their bottoms and they fit perfectly! I am also 5’5″ for reference if you’re wondering where the leg opening will hit.

Where is cotton made?

The top two cotton producers, India and China, contribute approximately 45-50 percent of the world’s production, while the top four producers comprise 70-75 percent of global cotton production. Currently, India is the world’s leading producer of cotton, surpassing China recently.

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