Who is the target audience of The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

Who is the target audience of The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

The target age of The Very Hungry Caterpillar is between the 2-6 age range of all genders. Parents can read the book to their child, or allow the child to attempt the book for themselves.

What age group is Room on the Broom for?

3-7 year olds

Who is the witch in Room on the Broom?

Gillian Anderson

What was the problem in Room on the Broom?

Plot & Author’s Purpose The conflict was that the Dragon was trying to eat the witch, and she was in danger. The solution is that her friends tricked the dragon into thinking they were a monster and scared him away! In the beginning of the book, the witch picks up some animals to ride on her broom.

How old is room on the broom?

Room on the Broom (ISBN 9780333903384) is a children’s fantasy picture book of twenty-four pages. It was written by the British author Julia Donaldson and illustrated by the German-born artist Axel Scheiffer. It was first published in 2001.

What is Room on the Broom story about?

This story follows a witch as she embarks on an eventful journey on her broomstick. The elements are against her and the witch loses her hat, bow and wand, but she makes new friends who help her find her belongings and when disaster strikes they save her from a witch eating dragon!

What age are Julia Donaldson books suitable for?

Ideal for children aged 5–7 who are starting to read more independently, this chapter book series by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks follows the adventures of the magically mischievous Princess Mirror-Belle.25-Mar-2022

What grade is level L books?

Build your Guided Reading library for readers in grades 2-4 with this broad list of Level L-M titles.

What is the main idea of the story Room on the Broom?

2.2 Expressed Values and Universal Life Experiences Below the surface of the exciting adventures of the witch and her encounter with a dangerous dragon, the main theme of “Room on the Broom” can be considered to be “friends” in the sense of making friends and helping friends.

What is the message of Room on the Broom?

Room on the Broom is a favourite picture book among many speech pathologists, teachers and parents due to the mesmerising illustrations and repetitive rhyming text. Older children may be able to identify the moral of the story, which is all about the importance of friendship and benefits of being kind to others.

What age is The Gruffalo book aimed at?

It was penned for readers aged three to seven, and is about 700 words long. It is written in rhyming couplets, featuring repetitive verse with minor variance.

Why is The Gruffalo suitable for children?

The short rhymes and their repetitive structure make THE GRUFFALO a fun book to read aloud. It’s true that the mouse is constantly in peril: he’s threatened repeatedly by a series of animals who want to eat him — from a fox to an owl to the gruffalo himself — but kids won’t really worry about his fate.

What is the main idea of room on the broom?

Room on the Broom considers questions about friendship, helping others, and teamwork. A witch and her cat fly around on a broom and the witch accidentally drops some of her things. Other animals on the ground return her items to her and ask for a ride on the broom.

What age is the Very Hungry Caterpillar appropriate for?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is available in board book and paperback. These classic editions also have interactive features such as cutout holes. The story was written with children aged two to seven in mind, although parents are sure to enjoy it, too. Created for children ages two to seven, but suitable for all ages!06-Mar-2019

Is Room on the Broom a Halloween story?

This one is a halloween CLASSIC! After three different animals help a witch locate her missing hat, bow and want, she tries to return the favor by giving the animals a ride on her magic broom.

Why is room on the broom a good book for children?

This favourite picture book is a real delight: an ingenious and humorous story with a rhythmical text that is ideal for reading aloud. Axel Scheffler has artistically surpassed himself with the brightly-coloured illustrations, which give convincing and expressive features to all the different characters.

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