Who was the first black character in EastEnders?

Who was the first black character in EastEnders?

Kelvin Carpenter

Who was the Mitchells solicitor in EastEnders?

Richmal “Ritchie” Scott is Phil Mitchell’s lawyer.

Who was the first black family in EastEnders?

Hattie Tavernier is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Michelle Gayle between 5 July 1990 and 21 December 1993. Hattie and her family were introduced in July 1990 by producer Michael Ferguson. The Taverniers were the first collective black family to join the soap at the same time.

What actor has been on Days of our lives the longest?

Created by Ted and Betty Corday, the series premiered on November 8, 1965. The longest-running cast member is Suzanne Rogers, who has portrayed Maggie Horton since , making her one of the longest-tenured actors in American soap operas.

Who is the longest serving soap actor?

Bill Roache 62 years The actor appeared in the very first episode of Coronation Street way back in 1960. He has played Ken Barlow for 62 years making him the longest-serving soap actor in the world and in history.18 Feb 2022

Who was the first character to appear in EastEnders?

Den Watts

Who were the first characters in EastEnders?

The first episode of EastEnders was broadcast on 19 February 1985, and twenty-three main characters were already created for their first appearance. The first character to be seen was Den Watts, followed by Ali Osman and then Arthur Fowler, all of whom find Reg Cox dying in his flat.

Who has been the longest actor on Eastenders?

That means Jane Slaughter, who plays Tracey, has been acting on the soap for 37 years – longer than Adam Woodyatt who plays Ian Beale. Jane, 61, is beloved by Eastenders superfans and has been up front and centre during many of the TV soap’s iconic moments taking place in the pub.

Who is the oldest EastEnders character?

Ian Beale. Ian Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt, is the longest-serving character and the only remaining original character to have appeared continuously since the first episode on 19 February 1985. The character appeared in his 2,000th episode in the show on 26 March 2007.

Who was the first character to be born on EastEnders?

Lou Beale was the first EastEnders character to be created by series co-creator Tony Holland, taking the inspiration for some of the series’ earliest characters from his own London family and background.

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